Team Structure

Players are selected from a MANDATORY annual tryout typically held in August/September of each year. The Idaho Inferno board and coaches carefully consider many factors before deciding how many teams and the type of teams created for each grade.  Teams consist of 7-10 players, to be determined by the coach and the Inferno board.

Team Selection

Idaho Inferno board and coaches carefully evaluate players before inviting them to play on the team.  Coaches select players who demonstrate competitive excellence, advanced fundamental skills, and commitment to becoming the best basketball players possible.  Players must commit to playing tournaments that may be local or require traveling out of the area. 


Each team's start date for practice and games varies depending by grade and team.  It also depends on practice facility availability and coaches schedule.  Typically, this is the schedule Inferno tries to follow:

3rd-6th grade (boys and girls):  mid September to March

7th-8th grade (boys):  mid September to December (middle school ball January-March)*

7th-8th grade (girls):  January to April* (middle school ball October-December)

*The Inferno season has shortened, unfortunately, due to players dropping due to other spring sports beginning.

Playing Time

There will be times when tournaments or leagues demand different amounts of playing time for each athlete.  All coaches understand that the foundation of Idaho Inferno is competitive excellence, 100% effort, and teamwork.  We emphasize all aspects of basketball, development, work ethic, competition, and fun.  We are committed to the fundamentals of basketball.


Each team will practice two times per week up to 1.5 hours per practice, depending on grade level.  3rd - 5th grade practices for 1 hour twice/week and 7th - 8th grade practices 1.5 hours twice/week.

Practices are typically held at Middleton elementary schools for grades 3rd - 5th and at Middleton Middle School for grades 7th and 8th.

After teams are selected, coaches will contact parents with practice times/location and setup info for a group texting application to help with communication with practice/games.


The number or tournaments each team attends depends on the grade.

  • The 3rd and 4th grade teams will play in three tournaments and then proceed as a "pay as you play", at the coach and Inferno boys/girls directors' discretion.

  • The 5th - 8th grade tournaments are based on the number of players on the team and how much each tournament costs.

The quality of the tournaments and levels of competition can vary.  We want to challenge our teams and seek to find the appropriate number of tournaments that will help them develop. 

Each team may choose different tournaments.  Some teams may go to regional tournaments including Twin Falls, Pocatello, Salt Lake City, Portland, Reno, and Seattle.  Each team considers all of the players and their families before committing to regional tournaments.


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