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Idaho Inferno


Idaho Inferno is an AAU Member Club.  It is Non-Profit Association, qualified as a 501(c)3 subordinate organization of the AAU group exemption (which really means we can accept charitable donations and operate as a non-profit). 



8th Grade Boys 

7th Grade Boys

6th Grade Boys 

5th Grade Boys

3rd Grade Boys



7th Grade Girls 

6th Grade Girls

4th Grade Girls

3rd Grade Girls



Mission of the club

Idaho Inferno's mission is: Offer youth athletes an opportunity to learn fundamental basketball skills.  Basketball is the foundational piece but we understand the responsibility to promote life learning values such as team work, honesty, intergrity, discipline, and respect.    


Team Formation

Unlike most basketball clubs, we have a top to bottom approach when adding teams.  Team formation starts with identifying and approving head coaches.  Only after a head coach is accepted by the board of directors we than move to tryouts and finalizing team rosters.    


Player Expectation 

Being a great teammate they understand their choices reach beyond "just me", but all those around.  We seek positive and coachable players.  They repsect the decisons of their coach, support their teammates at all time,  and honors the game of basketball.  Players need to be good citizens in school, and in the community.